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Maedée helps you fine tune your self-awareness skills to create positive change, encourage greater efficiency of movement and enhance your abilities in life or on stage.

As a retired modern dancer, she has always looked at movement to be an integral part of maintaining good health. Looking for balance is a process of exploring different disciplines, whether quietly looking for the movement inside the body or finding stillness while moving in space.
  • With Alexander Technique, you can build tools to realize your full potential.
  • Moving in the T’ai Chi Ch’üan way is a celebration of bringing together the elements of nature, meditation, and community while practicing with a group.

Dynamic-Balance uses these disciplines to encourage growth as well as self care.

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“I have studied T’ai Chi Ch’üan with many teachers over the years. For me, Maedée surpasses them all with her creativity, support, artistry and dedication to her students. What a joy to have her in Denver!”

– S. Cable

“I have a greater awareness of how to move and stand with balance, and a new story for the shape and direction of my life.”

– J. Willis