About Maedée Duprès

Maedée Duprès

Maedée Duprès is a native of Switzerland. When moving to London, I first studied piano. Then, discovered modern dance at “the Place,” the London School of Contemporary Dance.  Afterwards,  joined the X6 Dance Space collective where I was performing with pick-up companies and developing solo programs. My dance career involved many performing tours throughout Great Britain as well as Europe, USA and Canada. During this time, I studied with Gerda Geddes, learning T’ai Chi Ch’üan.

After a back injury, a career change was needed. That event prompted my move to the USA. Oberlin College in Ohio invited me to teach – a necessary change from performing. From there, I continued to Denver, Colorado where I taught dance. I also became certified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique (M.AmSAT) and  a practitioner of CranialSacral Treatment.

In 1993, I founded “a living arts centre” where artists and holistic practitioners came together under the same roof. We were dedicated to the the community’s well being. For 28 years, I ran a thriving center. My passion for dance lead me to start choreographing. During those years, the opportunity to work with dancers to perform in small spaces as well as outdoors brought me much joy. In 2021, it was time to close that chapter and open a new page in my life.

Now as Dynamic-Balance, it pleases me to welcome students to my office/studio. I offer services as a teacher of the Alexander Technique and T’ai Chi Ch’üan.