Connect with Intention through Movement & Stillness


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Maedée Duprès
“Connect with Intention through Movement and Stillness”
Creativity – New Beginnings – Abundance – Expansion – Receptivity – Beauty – Love – Joy – Kindness
This is a movement sequence with 9 themes, each facing a different direction. Each theme is a chosen movement based on Tai Chi Ch’üan and ends with a moment of stillness, during which one connects with an element, a color, a specific area in the body to promote health, and an affirmation to actualize each intention.
After teaching T’ai Chi Ch’üan for 28 years, I created this sequence by blending many disciplines for something simple that people could take with them and enjoy.
For your own practice, once you learn the movements, you can print the chart and create your own affirmations, allowing the Stillness moment at the end of each intention to be as long as you need.